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Thread: Compound of The Week: Trenbolone Acetate

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    Compound of The Week: Trenbolone Acetate

    I'm starting a new discussion series over here on mtsboard where every week we will discuss a new compound with the community. Each week, I will feature a new compound where I will explain properties of the steroid, as well as introduce existing MTS products that contain the compound. I also strongly encourage each and every one of you to share your experiences with these compounds. This information will prove useful especially to newer members, saving them much time and the trouble of having to sieve through much misleading information on the internet. We want the MTS community to help each other grow and progress together, and this series will allow members to tap on the valuable hands-on experience each has to offer.

    This week's featured compound: Trenbolone Acetate

    The short-estered version of the what is notoriously known as one of the most powerful compounds in steroid history, Trenbolone Acetate was made famous for its versatility in both cutting and bulking stacks. Best recognized for its cosmetic effect on the physique, Trenbolone Acetate has been credited as the defining compound giving bodybuilders that trademark look of graininess, density, hardness, and that 3D pop where the shoulders and traps just stand out so much giving the bodybuilder that trademark cartoon-like superhero silhouette. Users of Trenbolone Acetate will notice they look much drier on the compound, with their skin thinning out and giving a cling wrap esque look that in turns gives their muscularity a much more pronounced look. This is largely due to Trenbolone Acetate's inability to hold much water, relative to other compounds such as Deca Durabolin and high dosages of Testosterone. As a result, users can look forward to every pound of scale weight put on comprising (within reason) of more lean muscle tissue.

    Being one of the strongest steroid compounds available in the market, Trenbolone Acetate has extremely powerful nutrient partitioning and anti-catabolic properties. This makes the body very efficient in processing food whilst enhanced with the steroid and is the leading reason behind why Trenbolone Acetate is almost a staple when it comes to cutting and contest prep. With a good diet and training regiment in place, bodybuilders can expect to lose next to no muscle up till the point where they reach dangerously low levels of body fat.

    Trenbolone Acetate's versatility also makes it an effective steroid for putting on muscle mass. For the same reasons highlighted above, Trenbolone Acetate's enhanced nutrient partitioning properties allow food ingested to be put into better use by the body; in this case the body will have much better efficiency in repairing and building muscle. The user can expect to stay much leaner while ingesting higher amounts of calories, allowing body composition levels to be kept in check while on a bulk or lean mass phase.

    There is an old adage that tells us about how if something sounds too good to be true, there is probably a catch to it. With Trenbolone Acetate, the side effects that come as a consequence of abusing this hormone are severe and not to be taken lightly. For starters, many users will experience a diminished ability to perform cardiovascular activity. Some users report anxiety and other mental issues, but these tend to be underlying problems already faced by the user that are only further exacerbated by the compound rather than directly caused. Night sweats and insomnia are also an issue faced by many, but one mistake to not make is to gauge the effectiveness of one's product by the side effects. These effects are very individualized and different users will experience some, if not all or none of these effects.

    Here at MTS, we provide you with the best quality Trenbolone Acetate you can get your hands on. For pure Trenbolone Acetate, it is available dosed at 100mg/ml here:

    For advanced users looking for something much stronger to suit their needs, I recommend the SUPER TREN, a blend of every Trenbolone ester which includes the Acetate form:

    For customized advice on cycle plans and Trenbolone Acetate dosages catered exclusively for your body, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] with COACHING as the subject header.


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    I strongly encourage members to share their experiences with this compound. For ease of reading, please use the following format.

    Effects Observed:
    Personal Opinion:

    There is no limit to how long your write-ups may be, and I encourage you to be as detailed as possible so other members may learn from your experiences.


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    Great addition to the forum Coach

    write up is awesome

    I am currently running pro mt200 at the minute and that has the tren A compound with masteron
    I have also ran tren e and super tren in the past and totally agree that the super tren should be for the advanced user
    It was to much for me and had to stop the course half way through due to insomnia issues

    I did notice big changes though, muscle definition was great vascularity was awesome
    the fat was falling off me

    that's the reason I have decided to give it another go, was advised on here by another user that I should try lean gain
    or pro mt200 as the masteron will counter act some of the sides

    one week of EOD on the pro mt200 and I'm sleeping fine
    feeling strong and pumped most the time..eating like a horse though
    I have about 7 more weeks to run so will let you guys know how I get on

    regards T

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    Amazing job mad4it. If you have any, I'd ask if you'd share some pictures with us so members here can have a visual guide on what it looks like to be on this compound versus off, and just how powerful it really is.

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    Not a problem Coach
    I have a pic that i took at start of cycle and i will take another near the end of cycle and see how much work the compound has done 😎 do we add pics on here ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad4it View Post
    Not a problem Coach
    I have a pic that i took at start of cycle and i will take another near the end of cycle and see how much work the compound has done 😎 do we add pics on here ?
    Please use and paste the forum code in your post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad4it View Post
    Not a problem Coach
    I have a pic that i took at start of cycle and i will take another near the end of cycle and see how much work the compound has done 😎 do we add pics on here ?
    Please use and paste the forum code in your post.

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    As low as 50mg EOD to as high as 100mg ED

    Cycles of 6-10 weeks at a time

    Effects Observed:

    On cycle night sweets, shorter fuse, training aggression, tren cough, great strength,lean gains, prolactin build up aka(leaking nipples)

    Personal Opinion:
    Good compound been using it off and on since 2008 and never had any problems as I would only use it for short cycles of 6-8 weeks @ 300mg/wk used both tren a and tren e but had more side on the tren e nights sweats/lower cardio. When I have used MT200 @ 1ml eod it appears that the added mast helps keep sides to a minimum.

    In 2016 last year I used tren for about 16 weeks working up to 100mg ed and what a mistake no real side while on but on pct ran into limp dick leaking nipples and lost all gains and felt like shit for around 8 weeks after stopping. then took me about 3 months to put my hormones right again.

    this is how I fixed myself

    20 days of letro 2.5mg ed to lower e2 as prolactin feeds off e2

    one week into letro to 100mcg of triptorelin to bring my balls back on line(this worked a treat my nuts blow up and my erections came back just after one shot) amazing stuff.

    10 days into letro use and I added caber @ 500mcg 2x/wk and ran it for 4 weeks. This dried up my nipples so no more leaking and back to having normal sex.

    after letro ran 30days of nov 20mg ed

    Full recovery blood tests came back normal

    Lesson learned

    keep tren to no more than 300mg/wk
    run no more then 8 weeks
    always use caber with tren cycle
    never use tren without test note I get more sides if test dose goes above 300mg

    Reason I brought into blasting tren was an article I read regarding ******** and his views on tren I now disagree with it.

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    I used MTS Tren-A for a couple blasts. Doses ranged from 50mg EOD to 150mg EOD. In my opinion tren shines at 100mg EOD with low test and high mast for me.
    After two weeks i had the so called tren look. Dry, hard and vascularity was out of this world. Pumps were also amazing despite being in a deficite.

    Normally i am a very calm person but with tren my aggression is greatly increased and i also experienced shorter temper. When i upped it to 150 EOD i wasn't able to sleep and i got the night sweats. When i lowered the dose back down to 100mg EOD these sides went away.

    I also tried to bulk with tren but i wasnt able to outeat it and my appetite was also affected so it wasnt worth it for me.

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    Tren is my favourite compound

    I tolerate it very well sub 100 mg, it actually improves my mood and social ability and stuff

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