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Thread: The purpose of "Talk about anything"

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    I feel bad I’m taking up this whole thread but I do appreciate all the help I can get knowledge is power

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    Says I need prescription for that have to wait till my insurance kicks in to get to the doc

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    You can get Telmisartan online

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    Would you have a link cause everywhere I look says script only I am in US maybe that’s why

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    Update it was definitely high blood pressure causing so I would only take when normal no issues thanks guys I appreciate the help

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    Hey so I got labs back and basically my body not absorbing this cycle of 600 test 800 mast 50 proviron my binding hormone borderline low at 18 free androgen index is crazy high at 196 any suggestions

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    Estro normal at 30 test at 975 2/3 days after shot

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