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Thread: Warning - Counterfeit and copies from other resellers

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    I always suggest you buy direct from source

    Why buy from retailers if you can direct from lab and receive real 100%

    Dont worry about PIP , focus on results this is why you buy the products , to get results . People worried about thinks that are not important like to much PIP cant handle and no PIP is strange . If you get results is what counts . But if you want real stuff go with

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    I have just ordered direct from this site..all bottles fail your serial checker. Please reply as im a bit pissed off.

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    No panic...i missed the lines between numbers..all good. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chu View Post
    No panic...i missed the lines between numbers..all good. Thanks.
    No problem brother , you are part of our family .

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    I’ve have been supplied 10ml of Med-Blend 450 ,(didn’t know I could buy direct ) massive swelling to glute for 5 days now . Could I have been given a fake, shitting myself now. New to this , but have friends who’s been on the gear for years .
    Many Thanks
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    Brother you need to understand 450mg per ml is very strong and for some people can be painfull , try shoot only half ml and mix with other compounds on same seringe . Also massage well after injection and you can buy MCT oil and mix 1ml mct with 1ml med blend to make it soft .

    Lets grow

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    Thanks Brother 👍

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    Kato welcome , we are a family here helping each other we all the knowledge we have

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