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Thread: First Cycle at 50

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    First Cycle at 50

    Hi all. I just placed my first order and am planning on starting out with Test C and HGH. 100mg of Test every 5 days and a daily 1IU of HGH. I've been training for the last 2 years and am looking to build a base and drop a few lbs before I do anything else. Any suggestions? Is this the right approach? How long should I stay this course (if its the right one)

    Thanks all for your input.


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    I'm not an expert at all, but I can tell you that just for low T my doctor was injecting me with 160mg a week and giving me 1000mg HCG + 1.5mg Arimidex. I went to a more "performance" based doctor, and he upped it to 300mg a week of Test C. The second doctor kept the HCG the same but doubled the Arimidex. Most guys I talk to that I know are on gear don't do less than 400mg of Test a week. If I were you I'd watch Seth Feroce's "Drugs, Steroids, and Life" series, he goes in depth on what he does or has done (part 4 specifically).

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