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Thread: Dbol vs Tbol

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    Dbol vs Tbol

    In the spirit of Christmas, I figured I'd run an oral cycle, but I'm undecided if it'll be dbol or tbol.
    I haven't used either before, and as I am kinda busy with a lot of other things I figured I'd ask the fellas here for their opinion.

    Now I have run a lot of other orals, nearly everything known to man actually, aside from halo. I've always used it as a polish to finish the look so obviously I didn't include dbol for that.

    Currently running EQ/tren and a little primo (no test). Goal is to add some more strength during the winter without turning to fatty mcfatfat.

    TL;DR: adding strength, dianabol or turinabol and why?

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    No experience with dbol and I'm sure it's stronger.

    I did like tbol tho at 50mg/day, size and strenght went up pretty fast and made me feel good.

    For gains, dbol will probably will be better.

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    I got tbol that i want to start to use at end of my cycle for say 3 weeks or so
    Due to liver toxicity
    Just a question
    The tbol tabs is a redish pink purple colour?
    But you did get some size gains too with the tbol correct?

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