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    Test E

    Bought a good bit of test e few weeks back while it was discounted. Into my fourth week doing 2cc a week and can’t figure out for the life of me why every single shot I get pip. Followed by mild heat in the injection site next day and flu like symptoms,feverish, sweat like a pig at a bbq at night and totally lethargic for 1-2 days and than it fades away though the muscle no matter where injected is sore for about 5days and limited movement. I use 25 gauge 1.5 inch all the way in muscle so I know I’m not injecting fat. Did a course of big and full before and didn’t have nowhere near this amount of pain maybe the eq in that helped I dunno but I’m wondering if I’m allergic to something in the test e. All I know is I’m probably gonna stop this course and consider something else because I can’t take feeling like absolute trash for a few days after every injection. Any suggestions?

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    Used this product for over 3 years from Mts and have never had an issue so can't help you I'm afraid.

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    Used this from age 16. I'm now 22.

    Never one issue

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    Did you try warming up the vial and/or the syringe with the oil in it before injecting?
    I've noticed that this usually helps. Used the Test-E 300mg myself recently and never had any pain the day(s) after.
    Only the Primo 200 gives me PIP every time, this is probably related to the crystals that remain after the oil is aborbed in the tissue, warm showers/baths and a warm gel pack helped with that.

    And I only rarely get flu like symptoms when starting a cycle or adding in a new compound during the cycle that I've never used before.

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    I’ve had similar issues when using it too

    I found warming the needle under the hot tap and not injections more than .75 ml eliminated most of the issues

    The major thing I worked out that helped me was to inject deep in the centre of a large muscle with it warmed up
    And inject slowly

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