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    Just a quick one

    Used up all my points on last order and on that order I earned 13 more points, this order was done on the 26/12/18

    Now the points total has been taken down to 8 already ?
    Don't you get three months to use them

    Regards Terry

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    Gone to 58 now...Will take that though lol
    Think somethings happening with the system

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    I had my XMAS points (50) deducted twice, I am on -34 or something now, doesn't seem right I think...

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    Now gone back down to 8??

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    I’m on -35 for some reason

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    Ahh I didn't see that post, thanks bacvar

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    on a general not i really like the MTS website, feels better then amazon to me. and they deliver almost as fast!

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    The point system being fixed was 1 serious problem.

    During XMAS time, everyone was given 50 points. But for some reason, it gave everyone 150 points, because 50 points were done 3 times in the system when it should have only been done one time.

    So everyone got 150 and I removed 100 points via batch update.

    The XMAS points were only valid for 30 days. But then 30 days later, the system removed the 150 points because they expired when 100 points were already removed 30 days earlier. So many people had -50 points in their account. Then I had to add an extra 50 points back to everhone.

    This caused the system sending 6 emails and many people were upset.

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    This still seems to be faulty as I had 29points less than 5 weeks after last order has now gone down to 7???

    Why is this

    Regards Terry

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