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Thread: Hgh protocol

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    Hgh protocol

    Hi I’m keen to start some hgh after reading about the benefits and healing properties etc.

    Can someone please tell me a step by step guide.

    I.e how do I mix it and with what and how much you would recommend per day.

    Cycle history/ test e and tren ace mainly with var and winny so fairly experienced


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    Depends on budget

    4 iu a day of pharmacy hgh is the golden ticket really

    Complex protocols can involve 10 iu e2d and mk677 30 mg a day with moderate dose insulin every meal

    E2d dosing improves igf more than ed

    10 iu e2d is better than 5 iu ed for igf

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    Awesome thanks. So pharma grade on here would be jintropin I take it ?

    Do I need to mix it with bac water and if so what ratio ?


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    Also not felt much benefits from the mk677 I have been using

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