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Thread: MTS service experience

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    MTS service experience

    Hi all

    Just like to thank the MTS staff for all they do.

    I have been using MTS for years now and have to say that the customer service I have received has been 100%
    And I probably only order once a month, small amount, but yet they still look after me

    Any issues I've had over the years (ie) lost orders, product issue,
    Sometimes mistakes happen, all are sorted very fast And have even had extra items added to my orders, even if a mistake they have let me keep them for free.

    On top of the products being 100% legit
    And prices and deals you can't beat
    Why would people use anyone else 😎

    Looking forward to another year of personal progress with MTS

    Regards Terry

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    Hey Terry, thanks for the nice words.

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    No problem
    Credit where credits due👍

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    to be honest i never had any real issues with mts. sure a missing vial or whatever else but 1 email later and their service guys fix it all within the same day or day after. i cannot complain, really awesome

    thank you for this, awesome service and products

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    thank you for the nice review and words

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    once again a big thanks to mts for their amazing service, these guys know what they are doing

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    Just made another order over the past weekend and i have to say these guys are on point

    communication is within hours, sometimes even within the hour. I had a few questions and all were answered fast and proper.

    Payment options are very good and easy, website is working better then some of the more famous webshops online.

    great work!

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    made a bigger order together with a buddy of mine

    always plased with the work these guys do. payment is easy, service good and fast, product delivery is very good

    packaging is on a very high level, only once had 1 broken vial due to transport and these guys were so kind to replace it with my follow up order

    products work like fire, getting fuller and leaner and the diet is not even that good!!

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