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Thread: Lean Gain

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    Lean Gain

    I’m a female, just started lean gain cycle. Would a PCT or SERMS be recommended after cycle? Can’t find a lot of info on female use.

    I might run a longer cycle up to 12 weeks. Currently EOD 0.4ML. No sides. No PIP. Maybe I should just taper on and off w/o PCT/SERMS like anavar?

    I’ve also tried Sust 250 and Test 400, I like the longer ester (less frequent pinning) but PIP is a pain in my ass especially soreness can last a couple days.

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    that is a heavy cycle for a female why ae you running this, as well as testosterone? for sure not recommended for a female

    heavy male hormones in a female body, not good

    go for light stuff like 5mg of anavar and some t3, not testosterone

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