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Thread: LOG: Off Season- Lean bulk with MTS

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    looking awesome on that cruise! super well done

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    Thanks bro.
    Yeah now just trying to maintain the size and to hold my bf %

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    TRT Week: 4 8)
    Weight: 90,0kg
    I am actually feeling very great, TRT is fully on. MTS test is a great quality.
    Libido is alright, nothing bad on that side. I kept my gains, and pulled out some water, so I look a bit leaner.

    I changed a my diet a bit, especially on meal 1 and 6, because I don't digest well eggs anymore.
    I do a small break (4-6weeks) after every bulks.
    I'm also using a Cutting Gel to apply on my abs to get ride of the subcutaneous water.

    Current cycle:
    Test E (MTS): 100mg E4D
    HGH (MTS): 4iu ED
    Proviron: 25mg ED
    ECA stack: Preworkout

    Current diet:
    •Meal 1:
    -2 bagels, 2 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon,
    100g Oats, 50g Whey, 20g peanut butter
    -Multivitamin + joints complex, Omega 3, Zinc, Vitamin C, 3g glutamine

    •Meal 2:
    200g lean beef, 200g rice, 50g oats flour, 10g olive oil
    -1 chrome

    •Meal 3: (preworkout)
    -200g white fish, 250g baked potatoes, 20g almonds
    -Omega 3

    ECA stack, Pump formula, 3g creatine, 2g Himalaya salt

    -20g vitargo
    -10g BCAA
    -2g beta-alanine

    40g Cell Tech, 5g glutamine

    •Meal 4: (post)
    100g coco pops, 30g whey, 200ml eggs white (pasteurize)

    •Meal 5: 300g sweet potatoes, 200g salmon, 5g olive oil
    -omega 3

    •Meal 6:
    -300g greek yogurt, 30g whey, berries, 20g almonds
    -2 ZMA, sleep formula

    Current conditioning:

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    you look better during your off.trt period then most when they are blasting, amazing job well done

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