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Thread: LOG: Off Season- Lean bulk with MTS

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    Quote Originally Posted by emperorcaliano View Post
    I'm extremly happy with lean bulk, and prefer this kind of clean bulk over big bulks
    you look superb so dont change a thing you are going in the right direction!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAXIMUS View Post
    you look superb so dont change a thing you are going in the right direction!
    Thank you brother, yeah definitely not changing anything, things are going smooth like peanut butter haha

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    Week: 6
    Weight: 87,9

    I have never considered boldenone as an amazing product by itself (in term of physical change), but I love the sensation of being full pumped on it, and the fact it give a nice rounded look to your muscles, its such a great product that works in combination with the nandrolone.
    Daily injections are extremely smooth with the gears from MTS, zero pips.
    Satisfaction 100% as always!!!!

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    EQ does many things amongst which is raise red blood cell count. BC's transport oxygen in our body thus more oxygen is delivered to the muscle and combined with more rbc's/blood also comes more nutrients INTO the muscle so that is why the pumps are brutally good!

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    Week: 8
    Weight: 88,4kg

    Couldnt post last week as I was on business trips.
    But still managing to stick to my diet and training.
    A small gynecomastia appeared, I had a bloodwork, prolactine was ok, estrogens were a bit high, so I increased the dosage of arimidex (up to .25 ed).
    Blood platelet levels were high (480G/L), probably because this Boldenone is amazing, so ill starts taking aspirin.
    Workouts are intenses, and the pumps unreal, good job MTS !!!

    partage d images

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    Week: 9
    Weight: 89,7kg

    I'm feeling full as a house !!!
    After 9 weeks, ive put more than 4kg on, and body fat barrely moved, probably the cleanest bulk I have ever done.
    I decided to switch Test enanthate with Test propionate, I feel that I react better with the propionate (personal).

    Current Split:

    Current cycle:
    -NPP (MTS): 100mg ED
    -Deca (MTS): 100mg E4D
    -Boldenone (MTS): 500mg E4D
    -Testo P (MTS): 50mg ED
    -HGH (MTS): 4iu ED
    -Novorapid: 7iu ED
    -arimidex (MTS): 0.25mg EOD;

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    looking brutal, superb job!

    how is the diet like?

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    Thanks bro, really appreciate it.
    I put the work in...
    Hard work + MTS products= great results

    There is current diet

    Meal 1:
    -40g eggs white protein powder
    -100g Rice Krispies
    -1 baggel
    -20g almond butter
    -100g berries

    Meal 2:
    -200g beef (5%)
    -300g rice
    -150g vegetable
    -15g olive oil

    Meal 3: (preworkout)
    -200g white fish
    -400g baked potatoes
    -100g pineapple

    -30g vitargo
    -10g BCAA

    Post Workout:
    -150g Gainer 50/50
    -10g EAA
    -5g Glutamine

    Meal 4: (20-30min after the shake)
    -180g chicken breast
    -300g sweet potatoes
    -100g spinach

    Meal 5:
    -220g salmon
    -250g rice
    -100g vegetables

    Meal 6:
    -10 eggs white
    -50 Berries
    -20g almond butter

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    Amazing results . When we use top quality material se dont need huge doses to go another level 💪🏆

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