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    Newbie here

    I been on test enanthate 600mg a week for about 4 months now question is can I keep going or am I already pushing my luck...Im only worried it will shut my natural test down permanently... basically I want to know how long can I be on it before it does serious permanent damage.
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    you are nowhere near this level where anything serious and permanent is happening. Guys run years of non stop cycles and they have kids and recover.

    the longer you run any compound the longer it will take to recover, but you will recover.

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    Awesome thanks I appreciate it...I got another question...I am one of those guys who loses his wood on cycle...I have tried everything Ive taken arimidex it just made me sleepy I recently took exemestane it seemed to help a little but I feel like I'm missing something...all my buddies have no issues but I gotta take a Viagra just to get it up...and that's not normal for me...I'm on test enanthate 600 mg a week primo 400 mg a week anavar 40 mg a day and winstrol 20 mg a day.. .I just recently added hcg 0.25 twice a week thinking maybe I needed to bounce back my natural test a little to help with the issue but still not the same....I added clen as well and my drive went through the roof but no erection still without last try was prami started it last night and hopefully it helps...any idea what I'm missing? I'm at a loss if this doesn't work.

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    You need to do bloodwork to see whats up, nobody can guess. it can be prolactin or too high estrogen or any other factor. so bloodwork is key. you dont want to be guessing these things.

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    Yeah I figured...I was just trying to avoid that...I'll set it up then... thanks again I appreciate it.

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