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Thread: Nacional Wabba Portugal 🇵🇹 2019

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    Nacional Wabba Portugal 🇵🇹 2019

    Im very proud to Said im Wabba Nacional Champ 2019🏆
    I compete this 1 December in Casino Estoril.
    Since i beggin using MTS produts i Change my Physique and win alot of competitions .


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    You must be very proud being the best WABBA Portugal athlete.
    Your look is very impressive and you are an inspiration.


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    you look BEASTLY! and we are happy you are so satisfied with our products and the results speak for themselves: a true champion!

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    Thanks alot my friends . Now its time to put on size this off season and go on stage FREAK MODE 💪🏆.

    MTS 💓

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    looking like a true godly freak!

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    The goal this off season is to get FREAK realy huge , im 5,5ft and goal is 250lb . With test , deca, dbol, hgh, insulin of MTS💪🏆

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