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Thread: Corona Vírus PRO BULKING CYCLE

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    Corona Vírus PRO BULKING CYCLE

    Now on quarentine with this Covid19 and always at home with my homegym , its perfect to GROW to PRO Level with MTS produts .
    Cycle :
    Test E 2100mg Week
    Deca 1050mg Week
    Trenb E 1400mg Week
    Anadrol 100mg Day

    Total 5250mg Week

    HGH 5ius fasted and 5ius post workout
    Lantus 50ius
    Humalog 10ius 5x Day
    Beggin 01-04-2020 102kg

    Lets GROW

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    now thats a growing pro level hul beast cycle, some serious stuff no doubt with serious gains and results

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    Check my YouTube video about my cycle :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monstro View Post
    Check my YouTube video about my cycle :

    awesome video!

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    Thats a solid pro cycle buddy, can't wait to see the final package

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    Imagine , this cycle looks crazy but is very low for a top pro bodybuilder.

    Lets ser if i improve more 💪

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    Looking awesome brother What hgh are you using ?

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