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Thread: Supplements to keep muscles full while dieting?

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    Supplements to keep muscles full while dieting?

    Curious if any of you are taking any OTC supplements to help keep your muscles full while dieting (pumped). I know to carb up, but just seeing if anybody has found or is using anything that helps. Also wouldnt mind if you shared and non OTC products as


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    nr1 without any doubt is sodium. there is no comparison to this.

    you can take all the anadrols in the world and without sodium nothing is happening.

    sodium + water = size

    also dont be afraid to look flat on a diet, its normal and we all go through it. to lena out you will need to lower or remove carbs so ofcourse you will be flat or flatter then with carbs in.

    flatness means nothing, fatloss is what counts. you can regain size in matter of 20 mins with sodium, quick carbs.

    keep the insulin LOW and calories in deficit, focus on protein and you will see fat melf off you

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