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Thread: Injecting test

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    Injecting test

    Injected test into my thigh after watching many videos on how to safely perform it. Was fine all night even went training.
    Next day literally can not walk. Like I’ve got a dead leg and where I injected feels sore and bruised.
    Been 2 days so far and feels the same, I’m hoping it’s just a nerve I’ve hit just wondering has anyone has anything familiar ?

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    It is absolutely normal. More often you will do, beter will stay. Personally a long time ago as I stopped using my quads for injecting.
    Nimesil helps a lot, but don't recommend using it too often.

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    this can happen sometimes yes, we all have it

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    My advice stay away from your quads. this site is only for infants. Tried it a few times over the years but always had issues. Too many issues. I knew a guy that did it all the time in the end he lost his leg. Stay away.

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    Cheers guys it’s a lot better now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juicy juicy head View Post
    Cheers guys it’s a lot better now
    good to hear

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    Glutes are my main site, then delts and chest. My personal feeling is that most pain is a direct result of steroids type not injection method unless you're an ass. I always warm all barrels under a drizzle of water from the tap first.
    MTS Tren in the chest has such an amazing Feeling. Discovering Tren cough was so fun lol

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