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Thread: Bolde vs Tren in offseason?

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    Bolde vs Tren in offseason?

    Some people claim test + trenbolone is the best combo for bulking or cutting . Some said boldenone is great drug others dont like, increases appetite and red blood cells = PUMP

    What do you think is the best addintion to a Test + Deca + HGH + Slin ? is this enough to grow ? is better to increase the dosages of this compounds every some weeks or introduce another compound? oral? or tren or bolde?

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    Test + Deca + HGH + Slin = PLENTY to grow

    you grow from calories and good food, steroids increase protein synthesis but they dont make muscle bigger without the needed bricks and materials

    1gr test a week and slin and some hgh and shitton of good calories for 6 months should be able to make you 270pounds plus for the offseason for sure. no need for tren in fact i would never recommend tren for the offseason.

    try 400gr protein, 900-1000 carbs a day, 150gr fats with 40-80 insulin humalog per day and tell me you are not growing like weed

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