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Thread: Cant gain weight off season

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    Cant gain weight off season

    Now is summer here in Portugal and humidity here is always around 90%, we sweat alot even doing nothing or just eating. I finish my workout completely sweat and is very hard to train in that conditions ( hard to breath )
    I train 5 on 2 off , 1 hour day , sleep 10 hours day including nap, eating 800ge carbs , 500gr protein around 7000 calories.

    What do you think can be the causes of not gaining weight and losing pump and strengh in workout?
    Lack of minerals ( potassium , magnesium , sodium?
    Use of masteron ( can cause dehydration) ?

    Using test , deca, tren, masteron, drol, dbol, hgh , slin

    Any help i will appreciate

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    In the temperatures you’re training you will sweat a ton. It’s really important you stay hydrated, salt all your meals, magnesium and potassium is also important (for example you could drink coconut water before, during and after training or a really good intra workout.

    Cause of not gaining muscle, losing pump & strenght can also be an insuline resistance issue. Several ways to fix that.

    Last but not least, you are at a really high level already it won’t get any easier to gain muscle. Sometimes it’s also important to take 1 step back rest, detox etc. Then it’s time to make 3 steps forward

    Hope this will help!

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    Yes summer here is very hot and humidity so high , like you said i will need alot minerals , mostly salt . I think this is the amin reason . And summer not the best time to do offseason

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