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Thread: Little Lump behind right Nipple

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    Lightbulb Little Lump behind right Nipple

    This is the first time I am posting anything and I read this Forum in my time to get knowledge and gain experience.
    In the past, I have cycled just Hard-n-Lean two times for 12 weeks everytime. I injected 1 ml per week which contains (TEST CYPIONATE 100mg
    The results were phenomenal and I did PCT later on in both times.
    Sex drive has been alright! post it.

    Now, third time, I am cycling HardLean and in middle of cycle but has combined this with 8 weeks of Anavar (50/75/100/75/50 mg) for the first time. I also cycled Clen for two weeks initially and dropped considerably of the post-locked-down fat.

    My nipples have been pointy since I was kid, but lately I noticed a small lump behind my right nipple. There is no discharge. It hints me the case of Gyno, (hormonal imbalance?).

    I read in one of the posts about Calcium D Glucarate. But, not sure. I am doing HardnLean because one of my mates recommended and I had good two times experience with it.
    Seeking some humble advice in this case. Thanks!

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    Shouldn't get issues on such a small dose.
    But keep your anti-E's on hand and use as needed

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