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Thread: LOG: Comp Prep, 12 WEEKS OUT !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick123 View Post
    Great progress man. You’re starting to get in a really good condition and still holding a full look.

    How does your training & diet look like?
    Thanks buddy.

    Day 1: Quads/glutes/calves
    Day 2: Back/Traps/Biceps
    Day 3: Chest/Triceps/Medium delts
    Day 4: OFF
    Day 5: Quads/Hammies/Calves
    Day 6: Delts/Upper chest/Abs
    Day 7: Biceps/Triceps/Forearms
    Day 8: OFF

    Current Macro
    Meal 1: P42 C31 F19
    Meal 2:P43 C20 F16
    Meal 3: P43 C20 F16
    Meal 4: P40 C19 F14
    Intra-workout: P0 C20 F0
    Post workout: P45 C0 F0
    Meal 5: P38 C21 F10
    Meal 6: P40 C7 F10
    Meal 7: P38 C5 F11
    P329 C142 F96
    2748 calories

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    Current condition:
    Week 7: 86,3kg

    Looking dryer day by day, and having such a great satisfaction with the veins popping out. This MTS stack is really doing a great job !

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    The MTS gear is doing its magic! Every progress pic you looking 1-2% leaner haha. 3D look really incoming, keep going man

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    what show are you doing?

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    Yeah satisfied with MTS products as always ^^
    Doing WBFF, jumping into NPC next year

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    Current condition:
    Week 8: 85,7kg

    Feeling conditioned.
    My delts are lagging, so I'll have to reajust my training program.
    Let's see!!

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