Im not very good with all the lingo, abreviations and phrases. Im prretty new I guess and ahve been following someones advice which I now dont think is right having read up on here. But naturally im in a panic from all the conflicting information and I have even less of an idea what to do now. My brain is that frazzled from all the different advice I just need someone to tell me to take this and this for this long and you'll be fine. So please help mke out guys.

I was just hoping for a littel advice. I am taking Tren E 1ml every week and SUS 1ml every 4 days for 10 weeks and took 250mg Dianabol one a day for one week, then two a day for the next, then back to one a day for a week when I started Tren and SUS, then stopped Dianabol.

I was just planning on using Med-Tech Solutions PCT+ tabs. But after reading around on here it doesnt seem like such a good idea. PCT+ is a blend of Proviron, Clomid, Tamoxifen, Cialis at 25mg per compound. I just wondered if anyone had any advice on what to take. Because since reading around on here Ive got even more confused than when I started. And I also found that some people were instantly annoyed with people in my position not having a PCT plan before starting the cycle and just send angry messages rather than offering advice. So please be kind guys.

My last cycle was 3 years ago. Prior to starting this cycle I had a small lump by my nipple the size and shape of a grain of rice. But 3 week into Tren and SUS this lump has got bigger to maybe 5 grains of rice. Its unlikely the steroids three years ago caused this and I was told a possible cause is a high soya/plant based protein diet and whey protein shakes. But it may be that the steroids are making it worse. IM not sure if that is information that is worth knowing and the PCT would be tailored to that. But again, please be kind guys, im just here for some advice because I thought I had it sorted but got confused reading around.