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Thread: growing with mts road to a future pro

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    rope pull 3x15 full stack
    Pulldown plated 2x10 200mg
    Plated row 3x12 160kg 2x200kg 10-9
    T bar row 2x8 100kg 10 120kg
    db row 2x12 50kg
    1 arm row 2x10 50kg 65kg 75kg
    pulldown 2x10 95kg
    pulldown behind 2x10 66kg
    Cable pullover 2x15 50kg
    Rack pull 1x10 220kg
    hypers 2x15 20kg plate

    good back session next week or this week I will begin adding cardio in to just keep tighter and for health

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    slight incline smith 2x10 120kg10 150kg 8 150kg 6
    decline press 3x10 120kg 120-140kg
    Machine press 3x10 2x86kg full stack 8
    plate press 3x12 120kg
    db flat fly 3x12 30kg
    Cable fly 5x12 23kg
    lower cable fly 3x12 14kg

    rear delt db 3x12 30kg

    front delt cable 3x12 5kg

    side raise db 3x12 10-12kg

    Rope side raise 3x12 5kg

    Good session shoulders still annoying but can still train through it hard hopefully once I add a shoulder day in that helps and more weeks on back again

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    lying hamstring 1 leg 3x10 36kg
    standing hamstring 3x15 45kg 2x52kg 12
    seated hamstring 2x15 2 5 second holds
    stiff leg bb 2x15 140kg 15 160kg15

    Abductor 3x10 86kg
    Adductor 3x12 73kg

    calves seated 2x15 80kg
    calves hack 1x15 130kg

    smith behind shrug 2x10 170kg
    plated shrug 3x12 120kg
    cable squeeze 3x20
    db shrug 2x12 50kg

    Good session will keep this in from now build it up

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