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Thread: Monstro Bulking Cycle October 2020

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    Monstro Bulking Cycle October 2020

    Righ now im doing detox and liver cleance with low calories . I take off all the orals and insulin to recover quick.

    Cycle i will begin Next month :
    Test E 2800mg week
    Deca 2100mg week
    Bolde 2100mg week
    Dbol 100mg day
    Lantus 100ius day
    Humalog 20ius pre and post workout
    HGH 10ius day
    Tamoxifen 20mg EOD
    Arimidex 1mg EOD

    What do you think ? should i change something ?

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    Where do you inject all this lol , what ml vial do you use interesting to know

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    Got any before and after? or progress pics?

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    7000mg load of oils per week ? Wow thats a whopper of a cycle!

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    Yes pictures from before while and after would be great! I have seen pictures and you looked already amazing...

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    You don't do half measures do you!

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    Last edited by Monstro; 01-13-2021 at 10:55 PM. Reason: picture not posted

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    Im not here to promote people doing such high dosages , im doing because is my goal to look like a pro . Please dont try this . Lets keep safe and be healthy

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