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Thread: Thank You Maximus

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    Thank You Maximus

    Ok I’ve been using mts for some time both through the site and via third party. Not only has the gear always been on point but the service is next level. I suffer from hypothyroidism and hypogonadism so my meds have to be on point, I’ve had prescription test from various sources over the years including otc test and test from so called pharma sources. The mts enanthate is as good as otc prescription test and better than anything else I’ve ever had from anywhere else. I also source my thyroxine from mts and it’s legit pharma product. The consequences for me of having duff gear are serious, prescription prices are prohibiting so med-tech really is the solution for me personally and on the one occasion I had an issue it was obvious maximus went to a bit of trouble to fix it (just a dosage issue with my t4) so thanks mate and keep doing what you’re doing I’m really grateful

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    Awesoem to hear your story and experiences with us and ofcourse thank you back and you are welcome

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