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Thread: Xtreme Lean Fat Burner Liquid cycle

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    Xtreme Lean Fat Burner Liquid cycle


    I just wanted to ask how long do you recommend to run this Xtreme Lean Fat Burner Liquid on it's own ?

    2 weeks on / 2 weeks off

    How many times you can run it like this?
    How many weeks of break do you need after consecutive runs ?

    Thank you.

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    I’d personally do it 4 weeks on 2 off repeat or just run it through cycle until you are lean so however long that takes 6-8 weeks

    If you want run ketotifen at week2 some however say clen doesn’t lose the effects even though the side effects aren’t present

    Always upon waken fasted t3 empty stomach same with yohmbine and then do cardio to burn up the free fatty acids the yohmbine releases

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    what should the dose be? 1ml/day?

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    Yes mate
    1ml everyday empty stomach

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