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Thread: OFF SEASON let's go !!! (Part 2)

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    Thanks brother, I increased calories and also change split:
    Day 1: quads/glutes/abs
    Day 2: Back/rear delts (higher carbs intake)
    Day 3: OFF
    Day 4: chest / Biceps
    Day 5: hamstrings/calves/abs
    Day 6: delts / triceps
    Day 7: OFF
    Day 8: Biceps / Triceps /forearms (higher carbs intake)

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    1: shredded
    2: stanavar
    3: Primo

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    Weight: 95,8kg

    The boldenone starts to really kick, the combo boldo+MK is getting my appetite out of control.
    I love the feeling full sensation from Boldenone!

    I will implement some Lantus insulin, during legs and back days, and will also take mk-677 only during those days, as both can work well together.
    Mk-677 increase blood sugar level (while insulin does the opposite).
    To control the blood glucose level I'll take chrome and berberin

    -Mk-677: 30mg morning
    -lantus: 30iu morning
    -novo: 4iu morning/ 4iu preworkout

    Ps: couldnt miss this crazy lightning to take a pic lol

    Nothing to prove about MTS quality.
    Good stuff, fast shipping, very professional!

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    Quote Originally Posted by emperorcaliano View Post
    Weight: 94.9kg

    Slowly increasing calories, blood work on its way just for a little check even if nothing seems to be wrong.
    Training and diet on point, the MTS stuff does a great job as usual, to be continued...hehe

    you look very good

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    Quote Originally Posted by emperorcaliano View Post
    1: shredded
    2: stanavar
    3: Primo
    Great products from MTS , we have lab test from Primo showing is real and well dosage to . Not easy to find real primo and MTS have it

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    I absolutely loved it !!!

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    Looking good bro! Waiting for my next MTS order, exctited to add in de EQ aswell :P

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    Such a great compound to add to any type of cycle, even on cutting, it keeps you full, only problem is the hunger

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    Weight: 97,2kg

    Appetite is still up, I increased the calories.
    I kinda started to feel heavy when I'm walking, I ain't far from the 100kg
    Loving the boldenone, its not a crazy compound in terms of results/ but it's a great addiction to any cycle, it gives your muscles a nice rounded look.

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    you're massive man.

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