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Thread: MTS Sponsored log

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    I cannot wait for it
    Another great session mine is flared on my right right leg from the dam hack last week didn’t do that yesterday not worth the flare up

    Ice hot water bottle off on pillow to raise leg and some deep heat on it helps a bit bro.

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    Thanks buddy, something going on for a while now. With ups and downs. Tried tb-500 and bpc-157 a lot of mobility work and stuff, all worked well. But it keeps coming back sometimes, it’s just the intensity and (to much) volume i’m doing haha.

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    ARMS/ABS (10/06/2021)
    Cable curls

    Ez bar preacher curls

    Rope hammer curls
    4 x 50kg/AMRAP x 25 sec between sets
    (16, 14, 12, 10)

    Seated db hammer curls

    S.A. rope extensions

    Overhead rope extensions

    Incline dumbell skullcrushers

    Dips machine
    4x10x140kg last set ds 10x120kg

    Forearm machine
    Forearm rotations superset Wrist curls
    4x6x40kg 4x20x50kg

    Machine crunches
    4 sets till failure

    Very good arm workout, tomorrow and Saturday i’m off to the beach because the weather here is very nice. Sunday i’m back for a hard workout [emoji123]

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    CHEST/SHOULDERS/ABS (13/06/2021)
    Flat db press
    6x65kg (last 2 reps with spot)
    Back off set: 22x30kg

    Incline HS press
    Strip set: 8x20kg > 8x40kg > 8x60kg > 6x80kg straight to a dropset 6x60kg ds 6x40kg ds 10x20kg

    Arnold cable flys

    HS pec fly (decline position)

    Standing machine side lateral raises (20 sec between sets)
    3x15x20kg last set single handed ds 12x10kg per kant

    S.A. Machine front raises

    Reverse pec deck
    3x35x70kg laatste set RP 25, 7, 3

    Leg raises
    4 sets till failure

    2 days of rest really did the trick! Trained together with a mate who really pushes me on every set to get the most out of it. Strength increased considerably, must be due to the delicious food in at the hotel and the 2 days of rest. Tonight we close the weekend some all you can eat sushi

    Back on diet regiment tomorrow!

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    any pics?

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    Hey BIGDADDY, awesome to see you post in here!

    I got pics in the first page of this logbook, i’ll be making some progress pics this week. As soon as i’m at my laptop i’ll upload. Stay tuned i got a new MTS order incoming i’ll update what my upcoming come plan will be (cycle, goals etc).

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    got any pics here? I don't see any. Kinda useless without them.

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    You don’t see the pics on the first page of the logbook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick123 View Post
    You don’t see the pics on the first page of the logbook?
    I reuploaded them for you on the first page using the forum system and here too....

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Image1.jpg 
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ID:	657Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Image2.jpg 
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    Thanks bro! I’ll make some new shape updates this week, bodyweight is slowly increasing. I’m excited what the cycle & food adjustments are going to do in the next few weeks. As soon as the MTS package arrives i’ll explain more

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