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    LEGS (23/07/2021)
    Lying leg curls
    3x6x40kg + 6 partials + 10 sec iso hold

    Leg extensions
    Topset: 15x140kg (+ 1 rep & 2,5kg) , 11x140kg (+ 1 reps & 2,5kg)
    Backoff: 12x110kg RP 3x110kg (+2,5kg)

    Watson leg press
    Topset: 12x440kg
    Back off sets: 2x20x400kg

    Hatfield squats

    Heel elevated db stiff legged deadlift

    Single leg leg extension into quad stretch
    Set 1- 25x25kg > 60 sec quad stretch
    Set 2 - 20x25kg > 60 sec quad stretch

    Not the best workout, but made it work. Left knee was bothering me and my right ankle, so i knew going in i had to focus more on time under tension, slow controlled reps instead of pushing weight.

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    Incline db press
    Topset: 9x62,5kg (+2,5kg)
    Backoff: 12x52kg (+2kg)

    HS iso lateral bench press
    Topset: 11x125kg (+5kg)
    Backoff: 12x100kg (+2 reps)

    HS plate loaded shoulder press
    Topset: 10x125kg (+5kg & 1 rep )
    Backoff: 14x105kg (+5kg), 11x100kg (+5kg & 1 rep)

    Pin loaded HS chest press
    12x89kg (+7kg)
    11x89kg (+7kg)
    10x89kg (+7kg)

    HS machine flys
    15x103kg (+7kg)
    13x103kg (+7kg)
    13x103kg (+7kg)
    12x103kg (+ 1 set)

    Reverse pec deck
    3x25x89kg (+7kg)

    Dumbell side lateral raises

    Standing calve raises

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    BACK/ABS (26/07/2021)
    S.A. Iso lateral HS row
    2x10x85kg (+5kg)

    S.A. Reverse HS pulldown

    HS Iso lateral row (wide grip)
    2x10x140, 8x140kg (+ 10kg per side)

    Dual rope pullovers

    Bent over db rows

    Weighted hyperextensions

    Leg raises into decline bench crunches
    4 x failure

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    ARMS/CALVES (27/07/2021)
    Superset 1
    Dumbell hammer curls 4x10x22kg
    Dual rope pushdowns 4x10x60kg

    Superset 2
    Ez bar cable drag curls 4x8x70kg
    Dumbell lying extensions 4x8x26kg

    Superset 3
    Concentration preacher curls 4x10x16kg
    Seated overhead rope extensions 4x12x65kg + 15 sec stretch

    Superset 4
    Seated life fitness curl (single arm) 3x12x57,5kg
    Life fitness dip machine (Single arm) 3x15x60kg

    Superset 5
    Wrist curls 3x6x30kg
    Forearm press 3x20x60kg

    Standing calf raises
    4x10x80kg +10 partials + 10 sec stretch

    Supersetting arms once in a while never gets old! The pump was real in just a few sets .

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