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Thread: MTS Sponsored log

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    MTS Sponsored log

    Hello guys! A couple months back MTS gave me the opportunity to share my progress and experience with the MTS products. So I thought it would be nice to share my progress and reviewing the compounds of MTS i used in the past months.

    Unfortunately because of the lockdown in the Netherlands i wasn’t able to workout in a proper gym and only did home workouts with minimal equipment. But i made it work! Since April gyms opened outside, i was able to workout proper and i started a cut.

    Stats around January 2021 - March 2021
    26 years
    1,85 m
    Bodyfat 10-12%

    During this time i did a blast with the following MTS products:

    Specific MTS compounds:
    Big N full

    WEEK 1-12: Test mix 800mg EW
    WEEK 1-12: EQ 900mg EW
    WEEK 1-12: Deca 400mg EW
    WEEK 1-12: MK677 (25mg ED)
    WEEK 1-6: Anadrol (50mg PWO)

    I gained about 7kg on this blast, since April i started the following:

    Specific MTS compounds:
    Triple EN

    WEEK 1-8: 400mg Test e
    WEEK 1-8: 400mg Tren e
    WEEK 1-8: 400mg Mast e
    WEEK 1-8: 4iu HGH
    WEEK 1-8: 20mg Yohimbine hcl (Fasted cardio)
    WEEK 5-8: 40 / 60 / 80 mcg Clen

    Currently at 99kg and i really good shape.

    In the last few years i’ve participated a few bb competitions. The last 2 i won my class (classic bb). But to be competitive at a higher level i need to up my game.

    I am planning on doing my next show next year I will therefore use the coming period to put on as much mass as possible.
    What i can say about MTS is that the service with regard to mailing and sending the gear is really well arranged!

    Also professionally packed, which means that the chance that customs will intercept the parcel is extremely small.

    I’ll be logging my training, food, cycle and shape updates in the upcoming road to my next competition prep if you guys are interested.

    If anyone has any questions or suggestions please let me know

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    looks good bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    looks good bro
    Thanks MR BIG, all the credits to the MTS gear. After all those years quality just keeps excellent!

    Smooth injections, no pip at all, even with the higher dosed products and mix blends.

    I’ll keep logging about products, upcoming plans, food intake, shape updates and more

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    To give you guys an idea how my workouts are looking. I’m currently following an workout program of the well know John Meadows, its called Gamma Bomb. The first 6 weeks it’s more focussed on bringing up chest, delts and back and the other 6 weeks legs. Volume and intensity increases through out the weeks.

    Since my legs are the weak point in my physique i started with the leg focussed workouts.

    An example of yesterdays workout:

    Seated leg curls
    5x8x100kg (4 sec negatives)

    SSB squat (Wide stance)
    Sets of 8 until failure

    Pendulum squat (paused)

    Leg extensions
    4x8x110kg (eccentric pressure from training partner at every rep)

    Stiff legged db deadlifts

    Standing calf raises

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    Good progress mine is coming soon too good to see this legit top quality products and hard work dedication working

    Keep killing it.

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    Thanks bro, i’m looking forward to your log!

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    Looking good brother.
    I love seeing people training in a smart way using eccentric/concentric/isometric execution !!

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    Thanks bro, i really like to change it up from time to time. I also like to workout with topsets and back off sets, but as i’m still pretty lean i’m going for a saver / longevity way for the first couple weeks of lean bulking. I highly recommend the workout programs of John Meadows.

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    Yesterday’s push workout:

    Flat db press

    Incline bb press
    3x6x100kg last set ds 10x60kg

    Pin loaded HS chest press
    3x8x82kg last set ds 8x61 ds 8x40kg

    HS pec fly
    3x12x82kg last set 10 sec iso hold

    Reverse pec deck

    Dumbell side lateral raises
    4x8x22kg last set ds 15x10kg

    Strict bb front raises

    Dual rope cable extensions

    Strenght is slowly creeping up again, next week i’ll up my calories a tiny bit to keep progressing.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    BACK/CALVES (05/06/2021)
    Dumbell rows

    Reverse grip HS lat pulldowns (single arm)

    Dual rope cable pullovers

    HS iso-lateral row machine (close grip)

    Chest supported db rows into prone db shrugs
    3x12x26kg <> 3x12x26kg

    Weighted hyperextensions
    3x12x40kg last set ds BW till failure

    Donkey calve raises
    2-3 warm-up sets

    Standing calf raises

    Strength is steadily increasing every workout, body weight was sober this morning at 100.3 kg, shape is still great, I am approached almost every day in the gym with the question when my competition is :rofol:.

    Tomorrow another arm workout to finish of the week and in the evening a nice dinner at the local Italian, first time inside a restaurant since december last year lol.

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