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Thread: Insulin glargine is more potent in activating the human IGF-I receptor than human ins

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    Insulin glargine is more potent in activating the human IGF-I receptor than human ins

    To investigate whether human insulin (HI) and insulin analogues differ in their ability to activate the human IGF-I receptor (IGF-IR), the human insulin receptor A (IR-A) and the human insulin receptor B (IR-B) in vitro. HI, short-acting insulin analogues (insulin aspart; insulin lispro) and long-acting insulin analogues (insulin glargine; insulin detemir) were compared by using kinase receptor activation (KIRA) bioassays specific for IGF-IR, IR-A or IR-B, respectively. These assays quantify ligand activity by measuring receptor auto-phosphorylation upon ligand binding. HI and insulin analogues were tested in a range from 0.1 to 100 nM. Short-acting analogues: Overall, short-acting insulin analogues did not differ substantially from HI, nor from each other. Insulin lispro was slightly more potent than HI and insulin aspart in activating the IGF-IR, only reaching statistical significance at 100 nM (p<0.01). Long-acting analogues: At <10 nM insulin glargine was as potent as HI in activating the IRs and IGF-IR. At 10-100 nM insulin glargine was significantly more potent than HI in activating the IR-B (p<0.05) and IGF-IR (p<0.001). Insulin glargine was more potent than insulin detemir in activating all three receptors (p<0.001). Insulin detemir was less potent than HI in activating the IRs at 1-10 nM (p<0.01) and IGF-IR at >1 nM (p<0.05). Insulin glargine was more potent in activating the IGF-IR than HI and insulin detemir. Since KIRA bioassays do not mimic the exact in vivo situation, further research is needed to find out whether our data have implications for clinical use of insulin glargine.

    Lantus long acting insulin is great and I think it’s best used 2-3 times per week 6 on 4 off some use it everyday but I feel the waist gut gets to distend with everyday use and visceral fat builds up

    best approach going by your blood sugar readings fasted but the typical dosage for us bodybuilders

    30-80iu 3x per week you can go as high as 100-150iu but i find less is best here

    Off insulin days ala 600mg am 600mg pm

    Everyday use for insulin sensitivity
    Metformin daily 2000mg
    apple cider v (mother)
    chromium 1000mg morning

    Mt2 4 days per week

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    Very interesting post my bro !!!

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    Any test´s using that ?

    Lantus best offseason slin
    Humalog best pre contest slin

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