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Thread: MONSTRO Training Rules

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    MONSTRO Training Rules

    I train for 24 years leaning all by myself , and after this years doing what i love most i create my own rules on training :

    1º Never train more than 3 days in a row , and never more than 5 days week-
    2º Never train over 60 minutes to not release cortisol and be catabolic
    3º Bigger muscle like legs and back 5 exercices and small muscles 3 or 4 maximum
    4º Heavy workouts is a must if you dont have injuries , heavy weight gives the athlete denser muscles
    5º First exercise of any muscle should be a basic when you go as heavy as possible
    6º Go to failure or beyond that only the last set each exercise
    7º Use intra workout ( carbs as dextrose , gatorade , creatine , EAA, beta alanine ) , this will keep your workout with same intensity from beginning to end
    8º Take all your orals 60min pre workout with red grape fruit juice
    9º Use headphones and dont talk with anyone
    10º IMPORTANT : dont take selfies during workout , just focus on training .

    Rules of MONSTRO

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    The next gh 15... thanks pal

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    GH 15 is unique and nobody can replace him . Im just someone that loves this sport living 24/7 this for the rest of my life.

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