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Thread: OFF SEASON let's go !!!

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    OFF SEASON let's go !!!

    Hey the muscle family, I'm starting a new thread, the main goal is to add some muscle to the frame, without putting too much fat or water on. Diet is a key as always.
    Previous thread:
    (! )
    Got all my stuff ready.
    Even if all my bloodwork are all good, I don't want to run orals during off season. That's why I am also using
    They have apparently 2 warehouses, one based in UK, another in europe.
    UK's was out of stock in Test E, so they sent it out from the EU's warehouse which arrived within a week (5 days for the UK's one).

    -Boldenone: 250mg EOD
    -NPP: 100mg ED
    -Tren E: 100mg EOD
    -Test P: 50mg EOD
    -Test E (MTS): 100mg EOD
    -HGH (MTS): 4iu/day (2iu morning, 2iu post workout)
    -IGF LR3: 40iu ED (week 5-8)
    -Novorapid: 8iu morning / 8iu post workout (week 1-4 / week 9-12)
    -HCG: 250mcg E3D
    -MK-677: 30mg ED (15mg morning, 15mg pre-bed)
    -Arimidex: 0.25mg E3D

    Previous conditioning 90,3kg (currently sitting around 91kg)

    Stuff from MTS

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    Hey bud great cycle and the best products looking good big and lean and the mts pic porn is fantastic

    Good luck and will be following let’s go💪

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    Week: 2
    Weight: 93,1kg

    Feeling full during my workouts.
    I felt a bit sick couple days after my boldenone front kick, but I always got this.
    Holding a bit of water, let's see!

    Current split:
    Day 1: Quads/Glutes/Abs
    Day 2: Back/Triceps
    Day 3: Hamstrings/Calves/Abs
    Day 4: OFF
    Day 5: Chest/Biceps
    Day 6: Shoulders/Traps/(light) Triceps
    Day 7: OFF
    Day 8: Hamstrings/Calves/(light)
    Day 9: Biceps/Triceps/Forearms
    Day 10: OFF

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    Week: 4
    Weight: 95,0kg

    Been busy the past week, didn't have the time to post, but at least it is better to see improvements.
    I will slowly increase the calories, I will also make a blood work just for a little check even if nothing seems to be wrong.
    Training and diet on point, the MTS stuff does a great job, to be continued...

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