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Thread: Secret Protocol to be a MONSTER

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    Secret Protocol to be a MONSTER

    Secret Protocol to be a MONSTER

    The guns you need to be a MONSTER is Testosterone, Trenbolone, HGH , Insulin ( Lantus and Humalog ) and also real IGF Increlex.

    T4 will be a must when using high HGH , so 50 to 150mcg ed fasted in morning will be great to improve the results of HGH. Why not use something so cheap that can increase the potency of something so expensive. If you are cutting or pre contest you can also add 12,5mcg t3 or maximum 25mcg.

    Humalog have a 4 hours life , so around that time stay away from fats , mostly saturated ones .

    Remember you will need a good anabolic cycle with high dosages . When you run HGH you can use high dosages test and always look good ( not puffy like high test without HGH ) . High quality gear is a must to grow .

    You will need calories to grow but never force feed , because you are what you absorb not what you eat, and the better food quality the better you will look , so don’t think just because you are on hgh you can eat burgers every day and ice cream .

    Try always go very high on protein over 400gr day is a must if you want to get bigger and leaner and also a lot of carbs , over 400gr day , and very low fats ( mainly from the foods and also some olive oil and omega 3 pills ). I real bodybuilder is made with protein and carbs .

    Cutting or Pre Contest Method :
    This is the Milos Sarcev way of using insulin and the best way to keep insulin sensitivity and also burn fat most of the day and build muscle on anabolic state only around workout. That way you can eat carbs only around workout and rest of the day only protein and fats. This protocol is the perfection to build mucle and burn fat same time.

    Pre workout : 5 to 20ius Humalog 45 min before workout and 15min later start drinking a drink with ( carbs like dextrose , electrolytes like Gatorade , EAA´s , Creatine , Glutamine, 3gr Glycerol powder and 3gr of salt

    Post Workout : HGH 4 to 15 ius , then 20min later 200 to 1000mcg IGF , then 10min later 5 to 20ius Humalog and drink another shake with 100gr dextrose + 60gr whey protein or 500ml egg whites + 10gr creatine . Then 1 hour later a solid meal with rice and chicken breast .

    Off days : No slin and no carbs to bring insulin sensitivity back , and that way you can run slin for longer and safer .

    The Hardcore Bulking Method ( Like Dallas McCarver );

    Lantus 30 to 100ius on first meal
    *Stay away from fats , mostly saturated ones , because insulin will absorb them directly to fat .

    Humalog 5 to 20ius before each meal except last one.

    Humalog 10 to 20ius pre workout and 10 to 20ius post workout

    HGH : 6 to 20ius post workout

    GHRP6: 100mcg 15min before each meal

    MK677: 20 to 30mg day rest days only or every day if you want to get huge

    IMPORTANT: Always start lowest dosage and increase only if needed , and this is for all the thinks you are taking .

    Tips :
    *If you cant afford pharma HGH , do half dosage pharma and the other half ugl HGH

    I born to be the best, I born to be a MONSTER !
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    excellent - thanks

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    Im here to learn more with you and all the menbers here but also to share all my experiences . happy you like.

    Do you have anything to add or change in this protocol?

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    I have some questions. Lantus every day or drop it rest days ? Humalog only workout days ? What is the benefics of not using slin on rest days?
    Rest days should be used as recovery days or low carb days?
    GH i think is better drop on rest days.

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