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    Proviron...Should you use it?

    Good post found here:

    Resulting from numerous posts asking about proviron's uses and general questions, i have created a short fact sheet below, which not only encompasses common knowledge, it also identifies the un-common rules associated with proviron.

    Proviron roster:
    1) What is Proviron?
    2) Proviron's uses x4
    3) Benefits of proviron use on cycle
    4) Proviron and Deca
    5) Proviron dosages
    6) Conclusion
    7) My experiences

    Proviron is a DHT derivative used by AAS bodybuilders to reduce the aromatisation of testosterone and its derivatives. Thus, effectively there will be more free testosterone, which the human body uses to build muscle. Additionally it has been reported through AAS users to help amplify the effect of a cycle (since it increases the amount of free testosterone).

    However, in order to substantiate my aforementioned point, proviron does help to release free testosterone, thus increasing overall free testosterone levels useful for bodybuilding. In addition, proviron also helps keep estrogen levels under control in the male body (which means it can be used to compliment your AI (whether it be asin, adex, caber, letro)) - but this compound cannot be used for PCT.

    Bodybuilders use proviron for four main reasons outlined below:

    1) As a result of proviron's atomic structure it is incapable of forming estrogen. Therefore, due to the increased strength (in comparison to testosterone) in its binding ability to 'latch-on' to the estrogen binding enzymes, it prevents estrogen build-up.
    2) As previously mentioned, proviron increases the amount of free testosterone in the male human body. This is a very important point to consider, since approximately ~98% of testosterone is bound to the sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG), thus, since it is bound to the SHBG it is not free testosterone any more and therefore cannot be used to build muscle.
    3) As a DHT derivative, proviron contributes towards a feeling of 'well being' (commonly referred to as anabolic well-being) in males, thus it has been used to treat depression in men in the past. Additionally, bodybuilders use it to 'dry up' for competitions, however Masteron is the preferred choice and considered as a better option (proviron has been named as an oral masteron - this topic is debateable). The increase in hardness comes from a reduction in free estrogen levels, thus decreasing water retention.
    4) Proviron is frequently used with compounds such as deca - as it adds an androgenic component to the cycle. Thus preventing a loss in male libido and impotence and helps a males sex-drive upto a certain point. However, it makes much more sense to use testosterone (and compounds like prop, tne, suspension) which are very useful since it's a natural sexual hormone.
    A dosage of 25mg ED is considered to be an effective dosage for proviron.

    To finalise supplementation of 25mg proviron a day during 19-nor-progesterone cycle will help to aid and (i use this word with caution) amplify the effects of that particular cycle, since there is in increase in free testosterone, which is what the human body utilises to build muscle.

    I thank all you guys commenting on this proviron topic - and you may be asking yourself, why did i chose to write this...karma? would be good in encouraging me to continue to write posts and learn more to share my knowledge base, but also to gain opinions.

    We have the simple facts (as above), but personal experiences are where it's at.

    I came across proviron 2 years ago, where a friend had no clue what to do with it let alone what it was for, so he kindly gave me his proviron free of charge - and, i suppose, as a thank you, i decided to write this post (as above), so that if he were ever in a situation where he once again had proviron, he would know when, how and at what dosages to use it at.

    So i proceeded with a little self experiment (not particularly scientifically controlled), i chose to do two AAS cycles, very simple ones, however, one had proviron in, and the other didn't.

    The cycles are as followes:

    Cycle #1 (Without proviron)
    Week 1-12 = Test E/500mg per week/2 pins per week of 250mg
    Week 3-14 = Aromisin/12.5mg EOD
    PCT 15 days after last Test E injection.
    Clomid 100/100/50/50
    Nolva 40/40/20/20

    Cycle #2 (With proviron)
    Week 1-12 = Test E/500mg per week/2 pins per week of 250mg
    Week 1-12 = Proviron/25mg ED
    Week 3-14 = Aromisin/12.5mg EOD
    PCT 15 days after last Test E injection.
    Clomid 100/100/50/50
    Nolva 40/40/20/20

    The controlled factors are as followes:

    +) Diet was logged throughout Cycle #1 and mirrored into Cycle #2 - same meal sizes, portions, macro-nutrient breakdowns and mealtimes.
    +) Training was logged throughout Cycle #1 and mirrored into Cycle #2 (however, an overall increase of ~5% resulting from the first cycle was carried forward).
    +) Training time was consistent, same with intensity - I had the same job, so this control was relatively easy to adhere towards.
    +) BF% monitored constantly throughout both cycles - BF% remained the same, with a +/- 1% when on cycle due to a tiny bit of bloat


    I too, like GS took my asin in the morning with grapefruit juice and peanut butter, and after a week i found myself to be extremely drowsy and de-motivated in comparison to my 'normal' self. So, i did some reading, and found that free estrogen levels peak towards the end of the night, thus, i began takin the asin pre-bed.

    Now, my findings as far as the proviron goes - well, libido wise i was flying high on Cycle #1, but with the inclusion of proviron in Cycle #2 made me want to penetrate anything and everything! In my opinion, the dosage i took was conservative, and although it's is hard to quantify, my 'hornyness' rose ~7-10%. Now we conclude...


    My gains post PCT with Cycle #1 were 11.5 lbs, and in Cycle #2 were 11lbs.

    Now, this has got me thinking. There are many factors which could have played part in here. In my opinion, post Cycles #1 and #2 revealed good gains, but the gains in Cycle #2 dropped slightly - this could be to do with my body being increasingly responsive towards external test sources among many other factors.

    Although my conclusion is brief, i do believe proviron is an important factor in ones cycle, simply because the hornyness (feeling of anabolic well-being) was greatly appreciated by myself, through increases in free testosterone, but also in aggression and motivation in the gym

    Thanks for reading,

    References: (

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    A must on any cycle . I think should be used every cycle to keep free test high , also help control some estrogen, hardening effect and also amazing sex drive .

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    Good post why I love mast mts keeps me dry and free test up

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    Like this post.

    In my opinion, Proviron can be use at any single moments, ON cycle, OFF cycle, TRT,...

    You'll don't get any real results in terms of physical change (excepted lowering water,...), but its a very beneficial product for well being (free test, libido, hardness,...)

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    In the past many doctors prescribe proviron to all the people that are using testoviron and deca from pharma to use on PCT not during cycle , but since is an androgen is much more logic to use during cycle and PCT is only tamox , clomid and HCG

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