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Thread: Equipoise and sex drive

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    Equipoise and sex drive

    I’m on week 3 of 900mg of boldenone/eq and my sex drive has literally just vanished no interest in anything . Even turned down one night stands the lot. Is this normal? Any recommendations? Or do I just come off. Running 600mg of test e alongside also if that helps


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    Very normal eq lowers estrogen that lessen sexdrive if you have normal levels

    I would recommend reducing any ai if used and possibly lower eq to 600

    Ideally 2/1 ratio with test test always being higher helps too

    Let’s see if that helps first

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    Thank you will give that a go, was thinking of switching to primo

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    You could switch compounds primo is a good replacement

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    What mgs would you run primo at 500mg a week ? And test similar ?


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    You can run primo as low as 300mg bud and make good gains go with this for now

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