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Thread: Cycle Advise

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    Cycle Advise

    Advice please,

    Like the rest of us in the UK, gyms have been shut and can't wait to get back training next week.

    I bought some Masteron, Test and Anavar, obv MTS only, what dose and cycle length would you recommend ?

    52 year young and have cycled over the years.

    I'm not very big, 5ft7 170 pounds (around 12 st) and see top abs so guessing around 17-18 % body fat.

    Going to train 5 days a week weights, with 5-6 cardio sessions starting at 20 minutes building to up 1 hours.

    Looking to get to around 10% if possible but try and grow some lean mass if possible.
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    Hey buddy if you need any diet help along the way pm and I will do my best to help or post here a recomp is best for you and diet doesn’t need to be boring either

    I’d recommend this cycle everything else being good to go diet training age the factor here too

    Cycle length 16 weeks
    350 test e
    600 mast e
    50mg anavar

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    Sounds great, thank you for advise. Any help would be very welcome, I'll pm you shortly.

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