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Thread: On a cut - but gaining weight ?!?

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    On a cut - but gaining weight ?!?

    Hi Troops

    So I have started taken a small dose of test e 3 weeks ago (250mg per week)

    Also on 40mg of clen per day

    My diet is on point, but since stated taken test I have put on 1.5kg

    Im Training 6 times per week resistance push/pull/legs

    60 Min cardio every day also

    And also a 60 min walk in the evening

    Im busting my balls in the gym and working real hard every day

    The goal is to cut and lose weight (shred)

    My question is, can the test e be causing me to hold water? I think that's what's happening but not sure

    If so, how do I reduce water retention ?

    Any tips would be appreciated


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    NO. I have big news for you : You are probably new on cycles and even training and for that reason you are gaining muscle and losing fat same time ( this is the perfection ) , i wish i can do this right now with me .

    Keep doing all you do and star looking at your body changes not just your weight .

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    Thanks for the quick reply man

    Ive been training on/off for about 8 years and know my way around the gym

    But yes this is my first proper go on cycles

    But thanks, this has put my mind at ease, I'll keep doing what I am doing

    Strength is already increasing too which is awesome


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    Anything you need im here . Also if you can post your evolution log will be great ant that way all the experienced people here will help you go the right way .

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