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Thread: Delivery delay - 16-Jul

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    Delivery delay - 16-Jul

    One of the dispatch assistants has Corona Virus - refused to take the vacination.

    So since the SUMMER promotion coincided; and there are a ton of orders now in the queue, and we are down in manpower because of the chinese virus... there will be a few days delay as the other staff member battles away without assistance.


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    Here is one of the reasons on this corona virus era we should always have stock because we never know when something goes wrong . Right now is so many things can happen and delay orders . ( employee with virus, country closed , post office working less hours , less trips per day ) .

    Always do your stock to never stop your cycle in the middle .

    MTS always do all to make is clients happy and this time will be the same . Working on solving this issue.

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    Thanks for the heads up. Covid is a bitch, wishing your man a speedy recovery.

    Any idea when things can return to normal?

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    We are working hard to solve this problem , but at same time we prefer to take all the cautions and play safe with the virus . Since we are worried about all of you and your health we prefer to have everything clean and safe. Remember we need all of you and alive and good health .

    Like i said many times in this corona times we need to have bigger stock to keep doing our cycles . So do your stock !

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