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Thread: Length of blast

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    Length of blast

    Hey so I forgot who I was talking to but they told me to go on a blast of test e Masteron e and proviron I am in the process of ordering however I forgot to ask how long of a cycle it should be to determine how much I will need for that cycle any suggestions

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    12-16-20 week blast in these many months depends how you feel ideally 16 weeks to make enough lean muscle gains

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    GREX using such safe compounds you can go from 12 to 16 weeks ( the cycle should be the time you need to achieve the goal you want , then do a cruise of 250mg test for 4 weeks and repeat .

    Test E 600mg week
    Masteron E 800mg week
    Proviron 50mg day

    You will need for 12 weeks
    3 bottles test E
    5 bottles masteron
    9 boxes proviron

    And buy arimidex or exemestano to have on hand .

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    Awesome I really appreciate the support and fast response I’m gonna place that order I have a little 151 was looking to jump on maybe while I wait would that be ok just to kick start training I know I was getting nice gains from that previously on another cycle or should I just wait for the supplies

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    Always keep arimidex on hand however I’ve never heard of that other supp that you mentioned which in your opinion is better I try not to take arimidex unless I really feel symptoms coming on we all know what that means lol also how often should I be dumping red blood cells or just blood in general

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    Also any brand suggestions just curious

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    I only suggest Med Tech MTS .

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