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Thread: Warning about order disputes and resolutions

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    Warning about order disputes and resolutions

    Please kindly understand the following

    In the situation of

    * lost orders
    * seized orders
    * missing orders
    * missing products
    * incorrect orders (partial or full)
    * incorrect products (partial or full)
    * invalid products eg. damaged, expired or incorrect dose

    We 100% will resolve the matter by shipping out the missing items or where necessary shipping out the entire order again.

    The only time when we don't ship out, is if the customer provides us with an incorrect address or doesn't collect the parcel / not available for collection and the order is returned. Note there is NO RETURN ADDRESS for security purposes.

    Jumping to the nuclear option of charge backs or threats without even being patient to wait for an email reply, simply gets you banned no matter how long our relationship. Charge backs causes far greater consequences than can be simply understood from a customer's POV, this will result in all customers having to pay in Bitcoin or Western Union.

    If you jump the gun and go for the nuclear option. You get banned. Be considerate, wait for our reply and then we will resolve the matter. With the 1000s of mistakes that have occurred over our 10 years, only a few jumped the gun too early, realised their mistake but ended up banned anyway.

    Learn to have patience and understanding.

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    All our clients know that we always solve their problems and like BIGDADDY says we only dont reship again if you send incorrect address because the address we put as sender is not a real address for safety , so the order dont turn to us ever.
    People need to understand even being super professionals we dont work 24h, nobody does because is impossible for any human being( because we sleep 8 hours day ) and when someone got´s pissed just because we dont answer an email in 6 hours dont make any sense. Yes if we take more than 24h to answer a client yes he can but i can tell you even with alot of work we have right now we always answer any of you in less than 24h even saturday and sunday ( who works like this ).
    Also the orders take is time because we need to receive the money and some methods take hours or days, packaging takes more time , go post office ( all this take time ) , and people buy today and want to receive is order in 1 or 2 days ( let´s be real ) .

    We always do our best for all of you respecting you , so please understand our work and be more pacient because everything is life takes time , and we also prefer to do everything the perfect way.

    Everything you need im here to support you.

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    I’m officially out of mts products

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrenW29 View Post
    I’m officially out of mts products
    send an email in brother.... I'll sort you out :-)

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    The only few times I had issues related to this (broken items, wrong products,...) MTS fixed the issue very quickly. They are super professional and will make sure to leave you in a positive transaction, so no need to harass them because they didn't replied to your email 3h ago

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    MTS always solve all your problems ,when you came here and buy from MTS you are a member of this family.

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    Bigdaddy is the best guy ever truly what a great person nobody like him rare.

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