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Thread: Estrogen on bodybuilding is bad or not ?

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    Estrogen on bodybuilding is bad or not ?

    Estrogen on bodybuilding is bad or not ?

    In this days because of social media people on fitness industry try to look shredded all year round even knowing this is very unhealthy , and one of the tricks they use to keep that condition other than using keto diets , diuretics , using mnetformin but also abusing AI ( sometimes 1mg arimidex ED , or even worst 2,5mg letrozole every day) . This protocols should only be used 1 week ( the last week pre contest) .

    If you think using testosterone or any anabolic is unhealthy I can tell you abusing AI is even worst . Estrogen is not only good but also needed for any bodybuilder or athlete to build muscle, burn fat , have better mood and energy, better sex performance, better skin elasticity and a healthy heart and organs.

    So, please don’t ever abuse Anti Estrogen ( Letrozole, Aromasin, Arimidex ) .

    If you want to get big shredded and be healthy never go over half a pill arimidex every other day , in most cases 500mg test you don’t need any AI or maximum 0,5mg arimidex two times per week.
    Estrogen is very easy to get crashed . And this is hard to reverse , so don’t use something you don’t need .


    *No sex drive
    *Loss libido
    *Extreme lethargy
    *Huge depression
    *Much easier to get injured
    *Can cause blood clough long term use
    *To low estrogen you don’t burn the brown fat ( hard one to lose )
    *Causes articulate damage
    *Causes osteoporosis and arthritis
    *Low estrogen kill your gains killing your IGF levels
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    Great post brother.
    People often over kills E2, but estrogen are actually necessary to build muscle.
    It's all about balance

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    Not just to build muscle but mainly to have better health and not using is less stress on liver and organs . Why use something that will kill your gains and bad for your health . Just be smart and be healthy

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    Excellent information I like this, glad I’m on this forum thanks bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proppa View Post
    Excellent information I like this, glad I’m on this forum thanks bro
    Here you can find all the infos you need buddy.

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