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Thread: Bodybuilding a dying sport ?

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    Bodybuilding a dying sport ?

    Why are so many getting heart issues
    It’s not unknown that increased bodyweight high cholesterol blood pressure is a risk factor to one’s heart but blame the steroids

    Steroids don’t cause heart attacks they can cause side effects which can be managed pretty simply by using a statin beta blocker blood pressure medication blood thinner

    Statin is a life saver it’s used by thousands and helps greatly in fixing your cholesterol level it’s mostly genetic also like everything

    Blood pressure medication everyone by mid 40s/50s will be on blood pressure medication so start early and prevent long term issues

    Blood clotting another genetic factor one being factor five lieden get on a blood thinning medication that being aspirin or fish oil apixban is a medication many use if they have the blood clotting gene life saving drug.

    Beta blocker if you suffer increased heart rate used by thousands after a heart attack and was previously used for anxiety

    supplemental fish oil

    Do cardio

    That’s the basics there’s much more that can be discussed but these mentioned are vital for health and this will save many even the average person living there life.
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    Very interesting post bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by emperorcaliano View Post
    Very interesting post bro
    Yess brother as I think many can blame steroids but forgot that millions who don’t use steroids get heart attacks strokes many factors genetics being one of them but if we use some of the above things if we have these issues it will lessen the chance of any issues

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    Unfortunately is way too easy to blame everything on the gears...

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